Monday, September 19, 2011

NEW Diastasis Blog

Check out my NEW BLOG!!!!!

This blog is going to be all about healing the abdominal separation you get from pregnancy, or, that you can get from doing incorrect abdominal exercises (i.e. sit-ups, crunchies ect.) or, the bummer part - you can be born with one.

I will be updating about training, information, my story, products ect.

So, please spread the word to your friends, moms, sistas, brothers and whoever else!


  1. I was diagnosed with diastasis about 4 months ago from my pregnancy. I have been seeing a trainer the close the gap but seem to only be able to get to a 2 finger separation. Just wondering if anyone knows if that is considered healed. Since I have gotten to the 2 finger width I have not been able to close it any further. My trainer says she thinks I can still close it further but I'm not convinced. I want to start doing crunches and other exercises to get my pre-baby body back finally but don't wanna further seperate the muscle if it is not okay yet. Thanks in advance for any info and feedback

  2. Hi,
    Good question. It would depend on who you talk to if they considered it healed or not. In PT a diastasis is defined as greater than 2 finger widths. However, when I measure the diastasis, I measure it with the person flat on their back, knees up, abs relaxed and with their head barely lifted. If you lift your head to fast or too high you will get a smaller figer width than your separation actually is.

    That said, you can still make progress if you have a 2 finger gap. However, even if you close it more, I would not go back to doing sit-ups as these will cause it to open back up! I would only do exercises in wich you can keep your belly button "in". Let me know if you have more questions.


  3. hi Tami, thanks for your feedback. I'm actually going through physical therapy now. My therapist says I have a little less than 2 finger seperation. She says I can probable go back to doing my normal exercises in about another month or 2. the only question I have is why do you say I can never do sit-up or crunches again once my seperation in healed? How else would I be able to get my flat abs again? The exercises I am doing to close the seperation are not really for building the muscle that is vsible from the outside. How do I get rid of that little extra pouch that I still have if I cannot do crunches or sit-ups?

  4. Hi,
    Most people measure for the diastasis to be smaller than it actually is. Unless you are doing the tupler technique, you are probably not nearly as effective as you could be with closing your diastasis. Closing the diastasis all the way and a good diet are the best way to get rid of the "pooch". Sit-ups create a bulge out or a forward forcefull movement at the umbilicus and will create or worsen the diastasis causing more a pooch. They are counterproductive. There are many oblique exercises that will help tone the midsection and other exercises as well. If you do not have a certified tupler technique instructor in your area, I can skype with you. Just email me if you would be interested -

  5. In this way, I would be able to help you check your own diastasis accurately, teach you very effective exercises and determine if you were doing them correctly.